About Buddy

Buddy the Parrot

Buddy is a local downtown attraction, the face of our business, and our favorite entertainer in Ellensburg! A wild caught African Gray parrot of the Congo variety, she came to live at the store when she was a year old. African Grays are considered the smartest species in the bird family and have been cognitively tested at the 8-year-old level. They need a lot of stimulation so life in a busy pet store is the perfect environment for them. As we have all become more environmentally aware, wild caught birds are not seen very often but there are still many reputable African Gray breeders who breed and raise in the United States. They are very popular due to their many attributes: beauty, not squawkers, vocabulary and trick potential but the purchase of one should never be made lightly. They have a life span of 55-70 years! When in Ellensburg, you can’t miss a trip to visit Buddy and hear her do her bomb!

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