Ellensburg Pet Center - Pet Products

Ellensburg Pet Center gives you everything wonderful you'd expect from a small town pet store; incredibly hands-on and accommodating service, well-trained and welcoming staff, and owners who have a real interest in giving back to the community. What really sets this business apart is how they deliver everything you wouldn't expect from a small town store... a large, varied and up kept selection of pet foods, toys, and pets themselves can be found anytime you walk through their doors. Their adherence to a high level of excellence is obvious in every aspect of their business. Bravo Ellensburg Pet Center!


Great people, great store. Everything I need for my fur family.

Dakota and I love to visit often, whether it's to pick up food, grab a new toy, or visit with the great staff, each visit to Ellensburg Pet Center is full of fun!


Having three different animals (2 cats, 2 guinea pigs, and a dog) I come here quite often for my animals needs. Their price on natural balance dog food is the cheapest I've seen around here. The natural cat litter they carry is amazing, no odor and great clumping. The best part about Ellensburg pet center is the staff. They are super helpful and fun to talk to. Around Christmas I walked in and the girls were having a photoshoot with the guinea pigs, it was adorable. Great place with affordable prices and all your pet care needs.


EPC is truly a special place! Local owners who are super involved in and generous to the community, very helpful when you need something, and have a great variety of pet supplies! Five stars!

Love EPC! They are patient while I figure out exactly what my pets need and always willing to help me find the perfect product, even if it means ordering it in. There is great peace of mind knowing that they stand behind their products if something isn't quite right. Hobson and Bash say thanks!


This pet shop is in my hometown of Ellensburg and it is fantastic. They have a great selection and excellent customer service.


I’ve patronized EPC for many years....always get great service with great people! If they don`t have it, they cheerfully order things for me in a timely fashion.


Great experience getting my first reptile, a chameleon. Staff was super knowledgeable, friendly and supportive of this newbie. Highly recommend.


I have had nothing but amazing helpful kind experiences here! I will never go anywhere else.


They went above and beyond for me. They did the research behind my little uromastyx and made sure I knew everything there is to know about them before I bought them:) this place is truly amazing.


The people here are super friendly, and helped me to find dog food that my dog isn't allergic to. I also love that they carry treats that he isn't allergic to as well. Of all the places I could get dog food and treats from, this store is the only place that carries any food that my dog isn't allergic to. You've got a customer for life from me.


Brought my dog that I recently adopted in the Shelter. All the staff was so helpful in getting Pepper set up with everything she needed to be a happy dog. Came in a second time to get another bone for Pepper, and they remembered her by name and made me feel so welcome! Love Ellensburg Pet Center.


Working with Ellensburg Pet Center is the most positive opportunity to get the word around about our goals of rescuing and rehoming our canine companions. Thanks for being our first sponsor.


Love this pet shop, great employees and owners! Love the random beautiful big fish they get in, like none I've seen anywhere else!


If you are a part of the Ellensburg community you know and love this shop. Thanks for so many years of service to this amazing town.


Thank You Ellensburg Pet Center for supporting loving forever placements of spayed and neutered rescue dogs. You guys are the Best of the BEST!